Problems With Automatic Transmissions

By following a few simple tips, like using the right grade of oil transmission for changing it, it’s easy to keep out any problem with the automatic transmission of our vehicle. Recall that the problems with this vital element of the car not only brings difficulties for the vehicle, also becomes a big hole in our pocket.

Car models with automatic transmission produced initially were simple, as they were more dependent on their mechanical components. The new generation of cars with automatic transmission now depends on a number of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components, which work in perfect synchronization. In fact, this perfect timing is the key to the smooth operation of transmission car, while this harmony does not exist, surely the automatic transmission will fail.

Indeed, synchronization and harmony among the various components of an automatic transmission are important, without it, you may experience a hard way and a bad driving. The automatic transmission of the last generation car has a wide variety of components. Within these components find gear sets, hydraulic system for controlling and operating the clutch, the torque converter which acts as a clutch and let the car engine reaches a point while it is running, the governor and the cable accelerator detects when changing gear (on older models).

In recent cars found the onboard computer that detects and monitors different parameters of the car, making the accurate operation of certain equipment of the car and gives the freedom to choose between various settings of high power and higher performance.

The operation of these components in perfect harmony requires high precision and accuracy in a split second. The malfunctioning of a single component can cause unintended results for the use of transmission. The smooth change is one that cannot be heard, but there will always be something going wrong when you can feel in the car the transmission when changing speed or hearing a ringing in the gearbox.

Moreover, there is something really bad when you feel a particular vibration to make every change of speed. To avoid this you have to be very aware of the fluid transmission and not present your system leaks. It is important to diagnose the problems of automatic transmission before the damage is even more severe.